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Reflexology involves stimulation of specific points on the hands or feet to create balance and harmony in the body. A reflexologist focuses on zones believed to correspond to specific muscles, organs or body functions. Reflexology can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Reflexology..... how does it work?


The reflexologist will be applying gentle pressure to specific zones on the hands or feet. Reflexology may feel like a massage, but is altogether different. Massage is focused on relaxation of the tissue where the practitioner is working. While working on the hands, feet or even ears the reflexologist can stimulate remote areas of the body. The goal of Reflexology is help the body recognize imbalance and restore the bodies ability to return to a state of health and wellness. The Reflexologist may use hypoallergenic oil during your treatment as well as simple tools to better connect with points in deeper tissue. Reflexology does not require the use of accupuncture needles.

Reflexology..... what will I experience?


A typical Reflexology session will last 30 - 60 minutes. During the appointment you may experience tingling in different areas. This does not always happen, but is a normal response. You may also experience tenderness in specific areas where gentle pressure is applied. The tenderness may indicate that there is an energetic blockage within this zone. It is important for you to let your Reflexologist know if you feel tenderness. We recommend that you drink plenty of fluids starting about 30 minutes after your session.

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