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Our Office

Full Circle Complementary Therapy has been helping people relax their way to wellness since 2005. We offer Reiki, which is a natural, holistic energy therapy that helps promote relaxation and an overall feeling of wellbeing. 

Our office is a beautiful space that creates an ambiance of relaxation. You will find the sound of running water, subtle lighting and soft music. We have two treatment rooms as well as a open seating area to relax before or after your appointment. 


Some of the benefits you may experience 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety 

  • Promotes deep relaxation

  • Promotes deep meditative states

Our Philosophy

We believe that through stress reduction and promotion of deep relaxation your body can begin to heal on many levels. Our daily lives can lead to imbalances in our mental, emotional and physical bodies that lead to illness or diminish our sense of wellbeing. Reiki is a subtle energy that helps your body return to a state of energetic balance and may improve your experience of health. 

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